Financial Statement Audit

Compliance with standards, advice on operational controls, accountant's report…

1fsaAn independent audit of financial statement is one of the doundations for effective operation of the capital market, maintain trust against financial reporting process and intergrity of financial information. Investors have lost faith in corporate governance and reporting and they expect more such as greater reliability, more oversight, clear evidence of internal controls and more transparent. Corporate management, boards and audit committess, internal and external auditors, analysts and other investment professionals all have important roles to play in rebuilding investor trust by executing their respective responsibilities. Meeting investor expectations begins with the true and fair view, completeness and accuracy of information contained in a company's financial statements.

We can help you with :

i. Compliance with standards,

ii. Advice on operations' controls and processing systeme weaknesses,

iii. Treatments with respect to complex transactions,Increased monitoring of prospective accounting and regulatory changes,

iv. Independent review of externally reported information,

v. Accountant's report.